Map Pockets

Removal and Installation

Removal - models w/o PW only

I have taken these things off and here is how I did it.

  1. Get a beer and turn on some 1960's rock and roll.
  2. Get a small pair of needlenosed pliers and turn up two portions of the edge (on opposite sides) of one of those little push-on nuts.

    This won't be easy - stick at it.

  3. Get a big pair of pliers and begin turning the nut off using these bent-up portions as flats.

    This won't be easy either - but that is what the beer and the rock and roll music is for.

Good luck - it took me about 1.5 hours to get both of the ones in my car off when I installed the pwr windows and wanted to change the map pockets over from the donor car door panels, which had been soaked in the junk yard, to mine which were in pristine condition.

From: Peter Frise

Installation - models w/o PW only

To install - just select the correct sized DEEP socket and drive the darned thing back onto the same little post on the backside of the map pocket from where it came. This will be easy.

All-in-all a very low tech job and a real pain, but well worth the effort - they look super now and give a huge increase in interior storage space. This aspect alone made the pwr windows worth the price and effort.

From: Peter Frise

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