From racer@wasatch.comFri Aug 11 04:45:00 1995 Date: Wed, 09 Aug 1995 09:21:21 -0600 From: Lee Brown To: Cc: Subject: Re: The steering damper... > Please elaborate on your advice to remove the steering damper. What >exactly does it do and why do I not want it? Will it effect anything like >alignment or suspension behavior if I remove it? > I have hear a couple of comments on this. You can remove the damper to get lighter steering. In some cases this causes excess wear on the front tires (I have no idea why!). A less drastic change can be made by drilling a hole in the damper, and draining the fluid. This decreases the steering effort but does not cause problems with tire wear (again, I have no idea why!). I have also heard that if you use the Herb Adams sway bars (some of the largest bars for the Fiero, front and rear) you can remove the damper with no side effects (again, I have no idea why this works!) BTW, I have NOT done this on either of my Fiero's. Lee Brown 1987 Fiero GT Metalic Blue (needs wing!) 1984 Fiero 2M4 Fiero Red (41 mpg!) 1988 Emmick Express Black (75+ Wins)