Auto Wreckers

Calgary Pick 'n' Pull
8600 Barlow Tr. S.E.
Calgary, AB
Ph, (403) 279-7777

A good place to check for cheap parts.  Fieros get stripped very quickly here.  I've never seen anything other than 4-cyl coupes.  A huge selection of other GMs and imports.  Lots of EGR covers here. Bring your tools - you remove parts yourself here.

Forest Lawn Parts Depot
4215 35th Street S.E.
Calgary, AB
Ph, (403) 2272-2611

They usually have a Fiero or 2 here.  Good if you need suspension, sway bar etc. parts. They let you into the yard to see the cars and remove parts for you here. They usually have radios and CD players fom most cars.  These are in the office behind the counter.  Ask to see.

AA The Junkyard Ltd
3020 52nd Ave S.E.
Calgary, AB
Ph, (403) 248-4004

I've seen several Fieros here any time I've checked their yard.  Mostly coupes. Always worth checking if you can't find what you need. They remove parts for you here.

Manchester Auto & Truck Parts
Corner of 52nd Ave & Glenmore Tr. S.E.
Calgary, AB
Ph, (403) 279-7711

I always see quite a few Fieros in their yard right from the road. I hear their prices are high, but it's still worth checking if the "cheap" yards don't have what you need. They remove parts for you here.


Local Businesses

AutoTemp Air & Sound
Bay 1 - 3505 32nd Street N.E.
Calgary, AB
Ph. (403) 250-8677

Audio equipment, radar detectors etc.  This place has some different equipment from the south end store, so it's always worth a check.


A R A Auto Accessories
408 36th Ave S.E.
Calgary, AB
Ph. (403) 287-3130

A good place to check for stock GM AM/FM/CD/radios. Other brands available.  ARA specializes in air-conditioning, cruise control etc.

AutoTemp Air & Sound
507 42nd Ave S.E.
Calgary, AB
Ph. (403) 287-2585

Some pretty good stuff here too.  Audio equipment, radar detectors etc.  This place also has stock decks from people upgrading to aftermarket stereos.

Auto World
Bay 2 5908 Macleod Trail S.
Calgary, AB
Ph. (403) 259-5355

Quality rebuilt alternators and starters here.  This is the place where I got my 110 amp GM alternator.  Reasonable prices/warranty, good service.  They went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied with the product.

D&W Custom Engine     
3406 Edmonton Trail N.E.
Calgary, AB
Ph. (403) 230-0427

The guys at D&W have a good reputation locally for quality work.  They were the guys who did all the machining for my engine rebuild.  I haven't had a single problem, so they must be doing things right!!  

Harper's Tire       Website
5516 4th Street S.E.
Calgary, AB
Ph. (403) 253-8449

I've been getting alignments here for years without any grief.  Even after lowering my Fiero - no complaints from them, and no problems with the work afterward.

Mikkelsen's AC Delco
4720 1st Street S.E.
Calgary, AB
Ph. (403) 243-6060 Parts
      (403) 243-4555 Service

Mikkelsen's is a great source for AC Delco Parts - better prices than GM dealers for the same parts! They also have very knowledgable techcicians in their service shop.  Pale (pronounced Pal-ley) is a former Fiero owner and isn't "afraid" to work on them.

MOPAC Auto Supply Ltd     Website
130 16th Ave N.W.
Calgary, AB
Ph. (403) 277-0101              

These guy can get anything you need in performance parts.  Usually it helps if you know what you want, because these guys deal mostly in V8s.  I've got Poly bushings, Taylor wires, Holley AFPR and coil, roller rockers etc. for my 3.4L engine from these guys. You see it on the web, they can get it. Good prices.

Unlimited Performance      Website
18 - 1259 46th Ave S.E.
Calgary, AB
Ph. (403) 243-4949             

These guys don't have a huge store, but can get anything you nned. They also install exhausts. A couple members have had good dealings here.

Wester's Garage   Website
218 Centre Street Box 159

The guy we've been looking for in Southern Alberta!! Lyndon's has the equipment, knowledge and capability to dyno-tune and program a custom PROM chip for your car, no matter what modifications have been done.  My 3.4L Fiero never ran better! Highly recommended. 2 hours from Calgary, but worth it.

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