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85 FIERO 2M4

2.5 5-speed

Owner: Cody Stump Cochrane, Alberta 

  Pontiac Division of General Motors Corporation

Mechanical Specifications:  Mid-engined 4-cyl 5-speed

Engine:  2.5L "Iron Duke" OHV 4-cyl, with TBI fuel injection

Displacement:  2475cc

Horsepower/Torque:  92 @ 4400RPM / 134 @ 4800RPM

Transmission:  MT2 ISUZU manual 5-speed

Panasonic CD player, black light, Rockford subwoofer with Rockford 100A2 amp. 
                 K&N airfilter, Bosch spark plugs, 215/60R14 Stinger tires on stainless steel 10 spoke star pattern