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1986 Fiero SE

  2.8L V6 4-speed

Owner:  Ken Stauffer, Sundre, Alberta

Manufacturer:  Pontiac Division of General Motors Corporation  

Mechanical Specifications:  Mid-engined V6 5-speed   

Engine:  Performance 2.8L OHV fuel injected V6    

Displacement:  2836cc    

Horsepower/Torque:  140 @ 5200RPM / 170 @ 3600RPM

Transmission: Muncie 4-spd

Features:  tilt-steering wheel, power trunk release, rear-defrost, aero-nose, cruise, 200kph speedo

Mods: Aftermarket mechanical gauges, disabled EGR, 
          Pioneer 4-Channel 180W CD Deck with 10" Pioneer IMPP

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