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2001 Events Photos

Photos from some of our Events and Runs

Red Deer Meet - September 2001

20 Cars from Edmonton & Calgary converge in Red Deer

Red Deer Cruise - Sept. 2001 Red Deer Cruise - Sept. 2001Red Deer Cruise - Sept. 2001 

5 Fiero Photo Shoot
Photo Shoot
September 16, 2001

Five of us managed to get together with Moe for some photos for a possible Fiero article in Canadian Classics magazine. 
No word yet on if the article will get published or not. 

Canadian Classics website

5 Fiero Photo Shoot

Tony / Voytek racing at Race City

Race City Drag Night

September 14, 2001

Six of us went to Race City Motorsports Park.  Four of us went to do some drag racing.  We did reason- ably well, and quite a few people and drivers wound up being very surprised by evening's end.  Voytek beat a 70's Camaro Z28, Tony a 59 Buick "big-block", Ken's turbo - everything he raced, and Brandon killed some ricers.   

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Race City Motorsports Park

Race City Drag Night

July 20, 2001

Ken and Tony lining up for a race at Race City.  This event was arranged by the DSCR club in Calgary.   The turbo on Ken's 3.2L sure gives it some punch once it winds up!  Racing here is fun and safe!!   

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Tony / Ken racing at Race City

5 Fieros at Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon Run
June 29, 2001

Five of us managed to get out to Johnston Canyon again this year.  This was an opportunity for those who hadn't come last year to come for the drive. We had 2 cars from Red Deer come with us on this one. Great weather made for a fun drive and day!! 

A&W Show'n Shine - Cochrane

 4 of us brought our cars to this event.  It's amazing how many people still don't recognize a Fiero
for what it is.  Many were impressed, or at least intrigued.  It was a pretty good day all round.
3 of us at Cochrane A&W Show & Shine Voytek's 87GT at A&W Show & Shine

Red Deer Meet - May 2001

14 Cars from Edmonton & Calgary meet up in Red Deer
Spring meet to "kick off" the 2001 summer season.

May 2001 Red Deer Cruise May 2001 Red Deer Cruise


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