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Stock 2.8L engine


OK...  you've just spent ALOT of bucks on buying or building a new engine.  The last thing you want is to screw it  
             up on break-in.  These recommendations come from GM on proper break-in procedures of new engines. 

1. SAFETY FIRST! If the car is on the ground, be sure the emergency brake is set, the wheels are chocked, and the
    transmission cannot fall into gear.

2. Be sure to check the engine's oil level and prime the oil system.

3. Run the engine between 2,000 and 2,500 RPMs, with no-load on the engine for the first 30 minutes.

4. Adjust the distributor timing roughly by hand for a quick start-up and the smoothest idle possible.

5. Adjust the carburetor settings, if necessary.

6. After the engine has been running for 30 minutes, set the ignition timing (see install ignition section for timing

7. Drive the vehicle with varying speeds and loads on the engine for the first 30 miles. Be sure not to use a lot of
    throttle or high RPMs.

8. Run five or six medium-throttle accelerations to about 5,000 RPMs (55 to 60 MPH), then let off in gear and coast
    back down to 20 MPH.

9. Run a couple hard-throttle accelerations up to about 5000 RPMs (55 to 60 MPH), then let off in gear and coast
    back down to 20 MPH.

10. Change the oil and filter with 10W30SG oil and PF1218 ACDelco oil filter (PN 251605610).

11. Drive the next 500 miles normally, without high RPMs (below 5,000 RPM), hard use, or extended periods of high

12. Change the oil and oil filter again.

Your engine is now ready for many happy cruising miles.

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