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This Guide is located on several websites, but is always hard to find due to changing locations.
It is mirrored here for your convenience.

Table Of Contents

Diagnostic/Troubleshooting Section
General Information
Computer System
Cooling System
Parts Sources

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Automatic transaxle troubleshooting
Charging System troubleshooting
Computer Codes
Cooling System Troubleshooting
Cruise Control Diagnostics
Finding Exhaust Leaks
Headlight system troubleshooting
Manual transaxle troubleshooting
Starting system troubleshooting

General Information

Commonly used abbreviations
Bolt size and strength info
Broken Bolt Repair
Cooling System info
Cruise Control info
Date codes on many GM parts
Decklid RFI shield info
(EGR) Exhaust Gas Recirculation system info
Enduraflex body panel info
Engine info - Chevrolet 60 degree V6 (2.8/3.1/3.4L)
Engine info - Pontiac "Iron Duke"/"Tech IV" 2.5L L4
Fuel Injection info
Fuel Injector info
Getrag 5-speed transaxle info
Hydraulic lifter info
Long Term Storage Suggestions
Motor Mount info
Motor oil viscocity info
Option codes
Preventive Maintenince Suggestions
Recall Info
Sensor locations
Service Bulletins
Service Manuals
Suspension Info
Timing info
Tire info
Torx bolt info
Transaxle info
Transaxle Fluid info
VIN Number Decoding
Wheel info - stock and aftermarket

Computer System

(DIS) Distributorless Ignition System (87-88 L4 only)
(ECM) Electronic Control Module Info
(EGR) Exhaust Gas Recirculation control solenoid (V6 only)
(IAC) Idle Air Control Valve
(MAP) Manifold Air Pressure Sensor
(MAT) Manifold Air Temperature Sensor (V6 only)
(TPS) Throttle Position Sensor
(VSS) Vehicle Speed Sensor
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Fuel Injectors

Cooling System

Cooling System Info
Diagnostics - cooling system
A/C Compressor High Pressure Switch
Bleeding the cooling system
Coolant Fan
Coolant Fan Motor
Coolant Fan Switch
Coolant Pipes
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Draining the cooling system
Temperature gauge sending unit


Axle Removal
Axle Seal Removal
Clutch Fork Bushings
Cold Start Injector (V6 only)
CV Joints
Using Decarbonizer on your engine
Dogbone (Reaction Strut) replacement
Distributor O-ring replacement
EGR lines
EGR tube (V6 only)
EGR valve
Engine Removal
Exhaust Manifolds
Intake Manifolds
Oil Pan Removal
Oil pressure sender
Plenum removal (V6 only)
1.6 Ratio Rockers (V6 only)
Shifter Cables
Sparkplug tips
Thermac (L4 only)
Throttle Body Preheat (V6 only)
Timing gear replacement
Transaxle Removal
Valve Covers
Valve Stem Seals and Valve Guides
Water Pump


Suspension info
Shock/Strut info/testing
Spring info
Wheel info - stock and aftermarket
Front Lower Control Arms
Front Springs
Front Sway Bar
Shock Absorbers
Steering Knuckles
Wheel bearings
Wheel Locks


A/C Blower Fan
A/C Clutch Info
A/C Freon/Leak-finding
A/C High Pressure Switch
Battery repair
Battery tray rust prevention
Bleeding your clutch (or brakes)
Brake Booster Filter
Brake Calipers
Brake Pads
Brake Rotor info
Catalytic Converter
Clutch Line
Clutch Pedal
Cradle info
Cruise Control info
Decklid Lock info
Decklid release info
Decklid spring adjustment
Door-ajar light problem solving
Fuel filter replacement
Fuel gauge/sender testing
Fuel pump
Fuel tank
Hazard flashers
Headlight motors
Pickup Coil
Shifter Cables
Transmission Lines
Windsheild Washer pumps
Windshield Wiper Arm replacement


Enduraflex body panel info
Dew Wipe replacement
Door Hinge Pin replacement
Fixing an uneven front fascia
Front License Plate Bracket
Refinishing chipping/flaking aluminum wheels
Refinishing rocker panels
Removable engine covers
Rear quarter panels
Taillights - disassembling and polishing
Window Replacement
Replacement Emblems and Decals


A/C Vent removal
Center console fixes
Dashboard repair/removal
Door Panel Removal
Fuel gauge/sender testing
Gear selector light replacement (automatic transaxle only)
Headliner Removal
Horn fix
Leather Shifter replacement
Map pocket removal
Oil pressure gauge testing
Power Door Lock lubrication
Power Windows
Radio wiring
Sail Panel Removal
Seatbelt holder replacement
Steering wheel rattle fixes
Subwoofer Info
Tape player repair
Trunk Carpet Info
Turn signal/wiper switch


Engine cleaning
Dash gauge "glass" cleaning
Cleaning dirty exhaust tips
Plenum repainting
Rear Quarter Window cleaning
Taillight polishing
Wheel refinishing


Adding Power Windows/Door Locks to a car not so equipped
Adding a Sunroof to a car without one
Aftermarket spoiler info
Body Modifications
Brake Upgrades
Brighter "P O N T I A C" taillights (86-88 GT only)
Installing a lower temperature coolant fan sensor
Installing a radiator fan switch
A fan switch one listmember installed on a ford
Front/rear fascia swaps
Intake modification to incrase airflow
Jacobs ignition info
Koni shock absorber adjustment
Parking Brake alarm chime removal
Louvered Engine Cover modification
Mirror modification
Poly/Urethane Suspension Bushing info
Power Antenna installation
Radio Modifications
Rear Sway Bar addition
Rear Wing (spoiler) theft protection
Retained Power feature
Short Shifter
Speedometer Swap (85 to 120MPH)
Steering damper
Sunroof leak prevention
Temperature Gauge Modification to stop sticking
Windage Tray info
Auto to manual transaxle swaps
Engine Swap info
Engine Swap Pictures
3400 Twin Dual Cam V6 swap info
3800 V6 engine swap info
Quad 4 engine swap info
Pontiac Super Duty 4 info

Fiero Services, Shops and where to get Parts

AAI - Associated Auto, Inc.
ACE - American Custom Engineering
AIM Concepts
ASPP - Auto Sport Performance Products, Inc.
Rodney Dickman
Southern Custom - The Fiero Factory
FOCOA - Fiero Owner's Club of America
Sabex Racing - The Fiero Shop
The Fiero Store
Gary Zumalt
IRM - International Research Motorsports, Inc.
Kick Hill Farm
Mark's Custom Kits, Inc.
Mister Mike's Kit Car Interiors
PISA Corp.
RCC Specialty Products
Ryane Motor Sports
V8 Archie
Warlock Designs
Webb's Creative Laminations

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