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In my situation in receiving the error 32 EGR, I decided to check the cheap repairs first. Closely following the plastic lines (who chose to use plastic on an engine anyway?? Is it just me, or does this not make sense??) Anyway, in tracing the lines, I not only found that one of the lines was severely cracked, but the the plug for the EGR solenoid wasn't even plugged in! Just to clear myself, I've only owned this car for about three weeks. I tried pressing the plug back in, but I couldn't get the two pieces to latch. After about 15 min of this I grabbed a zip tie and zipped it right up. Problem solved.

From: Tip Top

Another easy cheap repair for those plastic tubes is to splice a piece of fuel tubing. It will hold the vacume and won't melt. You can get this tubing at a hobby store, I use it on my model airplane. It feeds my little 2stroke engine and doesn't melt.

From: James Hamilton

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