Door ajar light


"My DOOR AJAR-lamp started to come on even though all doors are closed. It is not steady but flickers. Any ideas?"

It sounds like one of your switches is not getting pressed completely down and when you hit a bump it causes the light to flicker. I had a similar problem just the other week.

The first step is to determine which switch is causing the ajar light to come on. It is more than likely either the hood switch or trunk lid switch. If you put something on top of the switch (I just bunched up a rag) to give it some extra height you should be able to get it to stay down. After you've figured out which switch is causing the problem there are several possible ways to fix it. If it is the front hood switch there is are two large black pegs under the hood and near the window - they are kind of shaped like a bolt. Turn the one near the switch (drivers side) to lower it. If the problem still exists try raising it up. If there is still a problem then return it to the same height as the other peg. (This by the way is was the solution to my problem) Another thing you can try is to get some another cap shaped like the one on the top of the switch but slightly larger to fit over it and add some height to the switch. I found that automotive vacuum tube caps that you can get at any auto store work well. I used this method on my trunk lid switch which was bad when I got the car. You could also add some washers under the switch itself to raise it up.

If none of these work you can get a new switch or try adjusting the offending panel.

From: Quinn Obermeyer

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