Battery Tray

General Information

1984-88  TRAY, battery                        10071787 $5.95
1987     TRAY, battery                        10071631 $5.95
1984-88  SUPPORT, battery hold down           20489129 $8.30

Battery trays are often completely forgotten until they are completely gone. The reason the battery tray can have such a short life has to do with all that acid it's holding.

If there is any loss of acid, you should neutralize the area with soda as soon as you can. If you don't, the acid will continue to eat the metal until it's diluted from making rust. BTW, when battery acid is eating metal, the bubbles that are produced are hydrogen gas---remember the Hindenburg? For you guys who are thinking about moving the battery to someother place, make sure it is well ventilated because charging a battery also produces hydrogen gas.

I like to throughly flush the area around the battery everytime I wash the car. About twice a year I put soda around the battery (NEVER on top of the battery) and then slowly flush the area. Anytime you change the battery, be sure to treat the tray with soda and then repaint before putting the new battery in place.

From: Lee Brown

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