Brake Rotors

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Info - 1984-87 models

Rotor thickness for the '84-87 Fiero's is 0.500" new with a wear limit of about 0.360 (legal). Semi-metallic pads are standard and cost about $25/set There shouldn't be any extra hardware to install with brake pad replacement. There is a circular clip (2 designs) that holds the inner pad to the piston that can be reused, however if Mr. Brutewrench has been in there before, it may be missing. It REALLY isn't necessary, it's there as an anti-rattle device. A little high temp RTV dolloped on the back of the pad will work.

As for warped rotors, yes, you should feel this as pulsing in the pedal, but the only way to check it is to measure the runout on a lath. Warped rotors will wear the pads on that caliper at a greater rate than the pair on the opposite side. This is a rough tip-off to check for a warped rotor.

From: Tin Man

Info - 1988 models

The rotors slide off the wheel studs just like the rear on the 88 Fieros. You do not have to pull the sealed bearings out.

Front and rear rotors are the same.

From: Randy Agee

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