Center Console

The rubber/plastic trim on the center colsole and that surrounds the A/C Radio console have sort of bulged out and are not square any more but have made the whole console sort of rounded. Is there anything that can be done about this?

Mine did the same thing. I could not find one in a junkyard that was any better. I tried hot glue, but as soon as my car sat in the sun with the windows up it came unglued. I then bought a new one.

1984-1985 ALL
1986-1988 with 2.5 L4   10040621 $42.40 (what I paid)
1986-1988 with 2.8 V6   10036126 $35.00 (1988 wholesale price)

From: Scott Backer

On my 86 GT, the vinyl foam filled piece that houses the ashtrays and shifter, seemed to be shrinking at the sides, by the carpet. It flaired outward to the point that you could see the bottom from the side. I successfully glued this back into it's original position a couple of years ago, and is still perfect today. What I did there might work for the radio shroud as well. The trick to all of this is to clamp the vinyl in it's final position first, before glueing it. Make sure to dig out some of the old foam (about 1/4") acrose the entire edge. This is where the glue will adhear to. I used smooth wooden blocks to clamp it in a standard steel vise. Once the vinyl was stretched into position, I applied a household 2-part epoxy across the area to be attached. Then I placed wax paper over the vinyl and glue, and then clamped the area flat, with wood and C-clamps. It took two nights, one for each side. I've never tryed doing this to the radio shroud since the need has not come up yet.

From: Ron Dittmer

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