Multifunction switch

Removal and Installation

I just put in a new windshield wiper switch last week. It isn't very difficult to do, IF you have the right tools. You will need a steering wheel puller, a spring lock plate compressor(most important) and various wrenches, screwdrivers and torx drivers. First remove the steering wheel, lower instrument panel cover, and the plastic guard under the steering whell(remove it by gently prying it with a screwdriver). Then attach the spring lock plate compressor and compress the spring and remove the circlip. remove the lock plate. I have no idea how someone would do be able to do this without a lock plate compessor, you'll see why after you get the lockplate off. The switch should be visible now. It is held by 3 screws. There is another that attaches the switch arm to the switch assembly. To remove the stalk, put the wipers in the off position and pull the stalk out. Also I dismantled the column to get to the wiper switch as this is separate from the turn signal switch. To do this I unbolted the 4 bolts that hold the column in place under the dash and then unbolted the bracket from the column, now the wires can be taken out easily. You also have to remove the ignition switch(held in with a torx bolt) and the hazard button. You need to remove the key warning buzzer switch before you remove the ignition switch though, it is the little white piece of plastic near the end of the ignition switch cylinder, just pull it straight out, be careful and pay attention to the way this switch comes out. If I remember correctly there should be 3 silver torx screws under the turn signal switch, these hold the whole column housings together, take care when separating the housings,as a part may fall out if you have tilt column. This it the hi-low beam switch actuator and rides on the hook shaped wire. the wiper switch is held in with a pin that you can push out with a nail or other small rod. Assembly is the opposite, just pay close attention to the way everything came apart, I had to disassemble then reassemble the column once trying to get the key warning buzzer switch back in. I haven't had a bit of trouble with the switches and column since. Your car may be slightly different, if so I hope this will give you something to go on. Glad to help.

From: Brian Christian

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