Clutch Line

General Information

The clutch line is a one line which runs directly from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder. There is a flexible section at the slave end which connects to the slave cylinder, and a flexible section at the front where the line curves around the front axle. There isn't much that can happen other than failure to the flexible parts of the line; unfortunately, both parts are fitted and are not removable. If you remove the entire clutch line you may be able to find a shop which can remove and replace the flexible sections, but you have to find one which can replace metric fittings.

Note that if you are getting a replacement line, that there are two designs:
84-86 4-cylinder - connects behind master cylinder
86.5-88 L4, all V6 - connects in front of master cylinder

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Removal and Installation

Removal - All Models

The clutch line is not particularly hard to remove, it's just a pain to take everything out of the front compartment and remove the spare tire well. Here's how you do it:

  1. Remove the spare tire, and anything else you keep in the front compartment.
  2. Remove the windshield washer fluid reservoir (two 10mm bolts).
  3. Remove the spare tire jack bracket (two 10mm bolts).
  4. Climb under the car and pull out the plastic clip that holds the brake hose to the underside of the spare tire well.
  5. Remove the bolts (7mm) that hold the fresh-air vent ducts. There is one on each side of the compartment. One is almost under the brake master cylinder, the other is near the A/C accumulator. Then bend the hoses upward so that they will stay on something, or the screw will try to hold them back into the spare tire well while you're trying to remove it.
  6. Remove the bolts (7mm) that hold the spare wheel well to the front firewall
  7. Use a flathead screwdriver (I found that one with a 90-degree bend works well) and pry out all of the annoying plastic fasteners that hold the spare tire well in at the rear.
  8. Now comes the fun part. Pull it far as you can, at least. You will have to twist and turn it a bit, but it will come out.
  9. Once you have it out, you can remove the clamp that holds the brake and clutch lines in place. There are two 10mm bolts that you can't see, but are easier to reach from above. You might want to climb under the car to find where they are.
  10. There are a few 10mm bolts underneath the car on brackets attached to the line. Remove them. There is another one on the side wall of the engine compartment.
  11. Remove the rear fitting from the slave cylinder, and drop the back end of the line down and drain as much fluid as you can out into a can or bottle. This fluid cannot be reused!
  12. Remove the front fitting from the master cylinder. Now, you should be able to drop the rest of the line down. You will have to snake the front end of the line around the master cylinder and some suspension parts. There will still be some fluid left in the tube to drain out after you get it out, so don't turn it so the fluid will leak out.
  13. Installation is the opposite of removal
  14. Now bleed your clutch!

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