Coolant Fan Switch

General Information

Info - all V6, 84-86 L4 models

A stand alone switch is for the fan. It closes at 235f. This switch, along with one built into the A/C controls, completes a relay coil circuit to ground. The relay contacts actually supply the large current needed by the fan. This relay is located in the LH front corner of the front compartment. This fan switch is notorious for not operating. If you find your car (this goes for other GM's as well) overheating when not in motion, but cools down at speed, its a good chance this switch is bad.

coolant fan switch           dk grn/wht
 84-86 two speed   3050223   lt grn/blk   L4-LH front of head
 84-86 non A/C     3040674
 85-88 V6 all      3040674   dk grn/wht   V6-RH top of engine
                                             near thermostat

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The quickest and easiest way to check the coolant fan circuits is to turn on the A/C. If the fan comes on (the ignition must be ON), then everything is OK and the only thing not proved is our buddy the coolant fan switch back on the engine.

If the fan doesn't come on when activating the A/C, check the C/H fuse. There is a relay in the lower left of the front trunk that actually completes the circuit to the fan. All the control wiring that engauges the relay is Dark Green/wht.

From: Tin Man

Removal and Installation

Removal - V6

Removing the fan switch is very simple. Once you find it it is obvious what hoses and lines that have to be moved/disconnected in order to get a socket down onto the switch. No, I don't remember what size it is, something like 3/4" (I think its SAE, not metric), and no you don't have to drain anything. Have the new switch threads lightly coated with sealant (not Teflon tape) and at the ready. As soon as you unthread the old, install the new. Coolant won't gush out since there's no real way for air to enter to displace the coolant. Don't do this hot! Some coolant will come out, but not enough to warrant fooling with draining the system. Don't forget to squeese the single lead connector on the switch to release it.

From: Tin Man

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