Cruise Control System


I find cruise control problems almost always fall into 3 fixes:

  1. 40%. Vacuum tank is rusted and leaks vacuum. New tank is $8.50, replace in 20 minutes
  2. 50%. Cruise stalk is broken/shorted/defective $50.00 -$60.00 for a new one. Replace in about 45-60 minutes (most time threading the cruise wire thru the column)
  3. 10%. Plunger switches at brake and/or clutch not making contact and need adjusting. Usually you can check by pulling the pedal toward you at a cruise speed, holding the pedal and engaging the cruise. (as you noted)

I have never (yet) seen a bad cruise assembly and release valve (in engine compartment) or a bad cruise module (behind carpet to right of gas pedal)

From: Paul Vargyas

"I set the cruse control and most of the time it will hold my speed, but only for a short time and then it goes 'soft' and I start loseing speed. I might suddenly decide to work and then again quit."

The usual problem on cruise controls is the rusting of the seam on the cruise control vacuum tank. Thats the black (or rusty) looking 48oz. or so looking can next to the cruise control in the engine area. you can check by removing the 2 hoses, and with a xtra hose blow into the tank while covering the other vent line. you should be able to create a pressure. If leaking, its not worth the effort or aggravation to repair. a new one is $9.00 and they are available.

From: Paul Vargyas

"My cruise control does not work at all."

Cruise control: Could be the switch on the clutch or brake is out of adjustment or broken, or it could be the unit itself or it could be the stalk on the steering column.

Check to see if with the ignition on, you can hear a relay in the trunk click on when you turn the cruise on and off. Mine didn't when the clutch switch was out of adjustment.

From: Raymond Joyal

If this doesn't solve the problem, check the fuse at the block above the driver's left foot.

From: Ron Dittmer

"Now, my question, has anyone purchased a cruise stalk (GM) lately? How much is this one going to cost?"

Current price is $88.50 Retail, $49.48 wholesale. (cruise/intermittant wipers) I just bought one. I have replaced several of these. No matter how I looked at them, there is no practical way to repair these cruise stalks. I always keep a new good one around, so if I get a car with the cruise not working, I just unplug the cruise wire under the dash, plug in the known good one, and go out for a test drive. (No need to have the control lever plugged into the steering stalk) If the cruise works, It was a easy diagnosis.

From: Paul Vargyas

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