Exhaust System


Finding Exhaust Leaks

I had my Fiero at the muffler shop to fix a leak. The owner took me to the car when it was on the rack, engine running, and handed me a hose. This hose was about 3 feet long and just large enough to almost fit in my ear. He pointed to the joint and said.... listen. I put the hose to me ear and listened. WOW. I could hear everything. I moved the hose along the pipes and listened more. Now when I have an exhaust question, I put my Fiero on the ramps at home (yes I block the wheels, etc) crawl under with my own hose and listen. I find it much better than "feeling" with my hands, which I have done for years, and I can find very small leaks. My son-in-law came to borrow my hose several weeks ago. He found and fixed his leaks. Now he is asking to borrow my hose again. I told him to get his own hose. It works very well.

From: Jerry Isbell

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