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"It is very hard to get into 4th. If you move it into the 4th position slowly, as i had done in the past, it ends up in 2nd. You really have to ram it into gear. There is no grinding, and only the slightest hint of resistance."

You may have a problem with the selector cable (it's the one that selects the R or 1/2 or 3/4 gate). As this cables starts to fail it becomes harder to move the shifter from side to side.

Another possibility is that your shifter is starting to crack. I have seen two shifters that were cracked (I'll bet a couple of people on the list have cracked shifts with out knowing it!) Remove the console cover around the shifter and examine the forward main part to the shifter just below the pivot bolt that points forward. Both cracks were in this. They effect the side to side operation of the shifter but only when shifting in the direction of the passenger.

Also, If i have to replace the clutch, or rebuilt the transmission, i'm more interested in a five speed. Can i use my current shifter and linkage, or must this be replaced as well to get the extra gear.

I have seen an 84 shifter mechanicals used with the Getrag transaxle. You will have to replace one or both (sorry I can't remember) of the shift cables. BTW, the 84 uses a spring below the shifter to lock out Reverse. The Getrag does not and all that is required to use the earlier shifter with this 5-speed is to remove that spring. Sorry I'm familiar with the Izusu 5-speed transaxle and shifters.

From: Lee Brown

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