Reaction Strut (dogbone)

General Information

Info - 84-86 models

On the 84-86's you can buy new urethane bushings to replace the worn out rubber of the OEM dog bone. There are not adjustments. BTW, new OEM bones are about $40, bushings are about $20 and the super bones are about $50. If you could find an 85-86 dog bone in a junk yard and then buy new bushings...

From: Lee Brown

Info - 87-88 models

If your car is an 87-88 no one makes a replacement bushing for the dog bone. The design of the 87-88 bone helps it become loose in about 25-30,000 miles. This design is very poor unless you're selling new dog bones. The super dog bones sold by the various Fiero spaciality stores are much better in design and will last as long as the car lasts.

From: Lee Brown

Removal and Installation

Removal - all models

Using a screwdriver, pop off the little plastic triangle which is to the right [on 84-87 models] and just above the trunk. This allows easy access to the rear bolt. The two bolts and nuts are 15mm with two washers each. Just remove them and that's it.

From: Dave Nelson

Installation - all models

The dog bone is actually pulling the engine toward the back of the car about an inch. Once you remove the bolt, the engine will spring forward. The new dog bone with urethane bushings is the same size. When you put it on, you'll need to have someone else insert the last bolt while you pry the engine back with a crowbar. The best leverage I found is by putting the end of the crowbar on the thick passenger-side hood-lift bracket (next to the battery), and prying the top of the engine toward the back of the car.

Woah, check out that old dog bone you just removed. It's in worse shape than you thought! Heh heh.

From: Dave Nelson

This sounds like a lot of work! All I did was put the car in Park without the parking brake on and leaned up against the rear of the car as I put the bolt in. As I was leaning against the car, it would roll back and forth causing the engine to shift right into place while I slid the bolt thru. IF your car is not an Automatic im assuming you can do the same by just putting it in gear.



Lee Brown

Last week I replaced my rear lower control arm bushings trying to solve a problem with handling. I pressed these in and out and they were in perty good shape. (I didn't need to replace them) Well they were just laying there on the bench when it struck me they looked about the right size and shape for the dog bone. I removed the dogbone and beat, cut the old bushings out. The control arm bushings almost fit perfectly. These will never wear out and cost a lot less. ($9.00 a piece)

From: Ray Dean

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