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The door on my 85 GT has been sagging making it extreemly hard to close, culprit being the upper door hinge. I have a parts car with a good hinge but have you ever looked closely to what it takes to remove the hinge from the door. GEEZZ It has bolts comming from inside the door. I took the panel off and could not find a way to get to the head of the bolts without removing the window, regualtor, and god knows what else.

I then discovered that I could replace the bushings in the hinge without removing it or the door. It took alot of patience and will-power but I think I can do the next one in about 20min.

I simply used a giant pair of channel-lock plier to press the hinge pin out, while using a floor jack to support the end of the door. After the pin is removed lower the jack just enough to replace the bushings, pressing them in with a smaller plier. I then jacked the door back up, installed the hinge pin, pressing it into place with the giant plier.

From: Terry Loveless

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