Door Panels

Removal and Installation

Removal - passenger side, driver's side w/power mirrors (RPO DG7)

Start with removing the inside handle/lock assembly. Pry off the "Fiero" emblem, and the small round cap with a very small screw driver. Remove the two screws and gently remove the handle plate and the sliding lock cover. Next, remove the armrest and door panels. There is a door panel removal tool, save yourself some grief and buy it. The grippers that hold the door on are located on the outer edge of the panel. Two of the grippers need to be removed carefully, one is near the door handle and the other is located in the rear upper corner of the door. Use your hand the gently pry the door panel from the frame. If one of the metal brackets breaks off the door panel they can be glued on with superglue.

From: Jason Wenglikowski

Removal - Driver's side w/o Power Mirrors

To get the remote mirror cable off the door panel use a small allen wrench and push the cable through the opening. Set the door panel in a safe spot. Carefully remove the paper moisture guard, using a knife or scissors to cut where necessary, save this.

From: Jason Wenglikowski

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