Enduraflex Body Panels

General Information

Noticed the use of the term "Enduraflex" in some recent thread. As was noted by another list member, this term was a marketing term only, there is no material such as "Enduraflex". Actually 4 different varities of reinforced composite plastic made up the Fiero's body panels.

Sheet Molded Compound makes up the hood, roof, rear upper quarter, and rear decklid.
Reinforced Reaction Injection Molding make up fenders, door panels, and lower rear quarters. (the rear lowers were later changed to injection molded nylon)
Reaction Injection Molded Urethane is used for the facias.
Thermo Plastic Olefin is used for the rocker panels.

As a side note, the 84 engine cover grill is magnesium!

All Fiero panels are painted with high solids acrylic enamels, and covered with a clearcoat.

From: Paul Vargyas

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