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1984    MAT, front floor W/Y82 (Bright Red)    RH 10036031  $40.25
1984-88 MAT PACKAGE, front floor (Slate Gray)       998669  $25.00
1986-87 MAT PACKAGE, front floor (Dark Saddle)      999210  $25.00
1988    MAT PACKAGE, front floor (Medium Beechwood) 999914  $25.30

Sound too good to be true? It is. My dealer said they are discontinued. If anyone finds any NOS, I'll take a set of the Slate Gray!

From: Scott Backer


I have the original floor mats that came with my Fiero when new. The floor mat material is the same as the main carpet on the floor.

My driver's side floor mat was slightly worn and discolored where the driver rests his/her foot by the gas pedal. A bigger problem was that the back side of the mat had cracked and was falling off in chunks.

To get the mat into an acceptable condition, I vacuumed it thoroughly, and then washed it completely using, dish soap, a scrub brush, and hot water. When finished, the front/visible side looked OK, but the durability was a concern since the backing was missing in areas.

I thought of something that I think worked perfect. After the floor mat was completely dry, I removed the remaining loose rubber backing pieces. I then got a caulking tube of black Silicone Rubber, and applied A LOT of it all over the damaged area of the rubber backing. Then I took a 6 inch wide putty knife and worked it into the voids and cracks as a filler, and then spread the rest nicely to a smooth flat coating. After it cured, the mat seems very durable. Long term durability is unknown, but it is certainly better than doing nothing.

I bought a 6x6 inch carpet saver at Wallmart for $1.29. This is a small piece of carpet, available in many colors, that has an adhesive backing. I just stuck it over the area where my right foot rests, to prevent additional wear. It is easily removed, and is reusable. Just wash the adhesive backing, and reapply. I have used carpet savers in the past. I have one in use for 4 years now, so I know the adhesive backing is reusable after a number of cleanings.

From: Ron Dittmer

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