Front Fascia


I was in an accident, and my fiero was hit in the front...later I noticed that the front bumper was pushed down a bit. You can tell because the signal light is pushed up a bit. Does anyone know how to fix this, if it is possible?

Remove the sidemarkers and the screws behind them holding in the fascia. Then lift the hood and remove the seven screws holding the top of the fascia to the body front end assembly. Since the fascia is poly you can flex it over the metal bar that the screws attached to. Examine the holes in the fascia. If you are lucky your only problem is that some of the screws pulled through the holes. The solution, which worked for me, was to get a set of washers to grip the edges of the ruined holes. You can get them in different diameters. The center of the washer is the size of your screw. I'd also check to see if any of the threaded holes in the metal bar have stripped. Pick up the next larger size screw and it will cut a new set of threads when installed.

From: Rich Delzer

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