Front License Plate Bracket


"I need to mount a front license plate on the front of my car, but I can't find any mounting holes."
I don't think you're missing the license plate mounting holes. There is a factory-installed license plate bracket that you can order for your car. You'll need the following:

With out Y82 Option [Indy Pace Car]:

P/N 10024283 Bracket, License Plate
P/N 10022805 Adapter, Frt License Plate (for right side of bracket)
P/N 10022806 Adapter, Frt License Plate (for left side of bracket) 


With Y82 Option [Indy Pace Car]:

P/N 10037303 Bracket, License Plate
P/N 10036682 Adapter, Frt License Plate (you'll need 2).

I called the GM parts asistance line and they are all available with a total cost of around $20. Good Luck!

From: Bret Scott

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