Fuel Filter

Removal and Installation

Removal - V6 models

"Where is the fuel filter located? Is there a relief valve or bleeder on the injector line so that you can relieve the fuel pressure before removing the fuel filter?"
The fuel filter is under the car about half way between the fuel tank and the passenger wheel well, forward of and somewhat under the oil filter. The fuel pressure relief is locate under the intake manifold on the battery side. However, the easiest way is to remove the fuel pump fuse and start (usually just crank) the motor. Most of the pressure will be relieved.

From: Lee Brown

There is a place on the fuel rail that you can use to bleed off the fuel pressure, But I would not reccommend it as the fuel will run over the engine. I would suggest that you put a drain pan under the filter and then loosen the fuel lines and let pressure bleed off into the drain pan. Note: Remove fuel fill cap before doing this.

From: William Wassenaar

Note that you cannot use a styrofoam or paper cup to drain the fuel into. Use an empty soup can or something metal.

From: Sketch

Removal - L4 models

Removal is the same as V6 - (remove fuse, run car until it dies to relieve pressure), but the fuel filter is located toward the left-hand side of the engine compartment near the top. It is on a fuel line coming straight out of the throttle body. Just make sure you have a metal can to catch the fuel or you'll spill it all over your engine/transaxle.

From: Sketch

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