Adding a Sunroof

Adding a stock sunroof

I put a FIERO sunroof from a wrecked car on a non-sunroof Fiero a couple of years back. It isn't all that hard. Remove the overhead console, sunvisors, coathooks, side seatbelt shields and the overdoor plastic moldings. Drop the headliner in one piece - chances are you will need to cut a hole and reuse it.

Remove the plastic roof mounting bolts and loosen the ends of the front fenders at the windshield.

Remove the top door gaskets and black gutter. Peel out the windshield moulding.

CAREFULLY cut into the mastic that holds the top to the windshield with a razor knife and CAREFULLY work the plastic away from the mastic. This is the tricky part since the thin strips that run down the sides of the windshield are easy to crack. Some wooden shims under the plastic side strips are useful here.

Take the whole mess to your car, repeat the process - but be sure to use new sealing compound when you install the roof. Reseal the windshield and either cut about off the round roll on the inside of the original windshield moulding or put in a new molding strip with new calking.

I know I make it sound simple - but it is not too bad. Now, if you can find a wrecked Fiero with a sunroof that is the same color as yours........

Oh yes - contrary to the manual, you do NOT need to remove the windshield.

From: Randy T. Agee

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