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When it comes to the shape of things, there are a few schools of thought. Especially when it comes to motor cars,( also girls I agree,)in particular the FIERO. I know some of you like the 88 GT, others the base car, the formula, etc. Also depending on your age, the car has to say things about its owner. Up and away, rough and ready, lean and mean, efemininate or sophisticated.You choose your car to suite your pocket, your image or to impress.To some looks, mean nothing---( Those guys can stop reading). It is the Performance that counts.With a capital P.But that is your perogative. I got it out of my system, when I started racing Formula Atlantic.

Some guys, wants to leave it as is, thinking it is sacrilege to alter the car in any way (although the manufacturers dont! They change the shape just about every year, even brings out 2or3, different models per year). Others immediately start looking for a kit car body, that fits their ego,even if their Fiero body is still perfect.

There are others that admire the body style of the Fiero so much, but would like to do subtle, to moderate changes to make the car better fulfil their ideal requirements. I must say I was impressed with the guys, so bold as to turn their car into a convertible--great. Some guys change the body panels, if it comes out fine ,enjoy it. Have any of you had a look inGary Witzenburgs book at that beautiful red FIERO with the sideways opening trunk lid p.90-- it must surely be the most beautiful example ever.

I sold my Ferrari 308 GT4,when I saw a 3/4 rear view picture in a book. If you have a good look,--- That rear quarter section looks exactly like the cheap, crappy, English Ford Cortina. My 85 Base Fiero is at least 10x more beautiful. No getting away from it the designers knew what they were up to.

It IS possible to modify your Fiero in such a way that most people, even those that know the car,will look twice and still not know what it is. As you know "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". The following could apply to those cars having the same body style as mine.

  1. Those head lamp flaps, modify them by cutting out the center section 9" wide x 91/2" with rounded corners.Also cut a piece of obscure plastic, that patterned( knobbly ) screen they use over the fluorescent lamps as well as a piece of amber plastic, to fit exactly into this opening. It is now a relatively simple job to manufacture a rear section out of thin sheet metal, and to fit two lamp holders, within the confines of space, so that these lights are also functional.Dont forget to remove the electrical supply when the flaps are raised. The bottom lights are still functional. See BB 512 to compare. BTW." Pontiac" is also now cut away from the left headlamp cover.
  2. Those two black pads on the front bumper, find two amber turn indicators from a truck or minibus etc.18" wide x 3" high,and fit them into two cutouts, in this black plastic. Be sure to mount them them in such a way that they will not be broken , when you bump something, as they are mounted in a very vulnerable position now. With the 2 above mods. you will be very visible now, and safer to a certain extent.
  3. That funny little air intake only on the L.H. side, (because the budget ran dry) is why it is so puny, now is your chance to correct it , a la Testa Rossa. For this you will have to know where to obtain 2 door skins as well as 2 rear 1/4 sections, but only if you are not careful and mess things up.

    Carefully cut the door skins,2 slits on each. So that you can bend the panel in , in order to fit 5 chromium plated slats. Black if you cannot afford the extra $20. Now also the 1/4 panel to the back of the door where the original intake was, will have to be done, Q.E.D. You are now going to have an intake duct 4' 3" long,x 9" high, with 6, chromium plated slats running from fore to aft. Also these you can make, but you require the help of someone with a bending brake. You can execute all this neatly with a minimal amount of work, at very little cost, and if you take care, it could appear as if this was done in the factory. You can now duct this air to overcome your souped up engine overheating problems, or use it for brake cooling. These mods. are functional and will make your car stand out from the crowd.

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