Brake Modifications

Corvette Master Cyclinder

Well here the latest on the Brake Job. Sorry took so long, won't go into details (102 Fever, 30 degrees, Car Port - Make your own stories)

The Corvette Master Cyclinder bolts right up. Although I did lenghten my push rod from the boster by 1/8 an inch because it did not go in quite as far. The question that we were all waiting for an answer to, You need new brake lines. The reason is that the fiero cyclinder has the front cyclinder for front brakes and the rear cyclinder for the rear brakes. The corvette is just the opposite so you have to crisscroos the lines between the porportioning vaule and the master cyclinder.

The car has new front rotors, turned back rotors, Carbo-met pads at all 4 corners. Stainless steel lines and the above Master cyclinder. Sorry I can't give you a good review of the system yet. Still got a problem. I know how good brakes but you have to be pretty stong to use them. Don't know if my booster is bad to start with, or just can't handle the corvette MS. I can't get a four wheel lock up. Don't know if it has to do with the booster or possible a bad porporting value. I do hower stop pretty good in the current state. I can't compare this to stock because, I haven't drove other fieros and my system was shot when I got it.

From: Pete Halstead

RCC Brake Upgrade Kits

RCC Specialty Products
5609-F Parker Henderson Road
Fort Worth, TX 76119

They produce two different size vented brake kits for 84-87 Fieros (10.5" and 11"), coilover struts/shocks, and tubular control arms.

The 10.5" brake kit will fit under stock 15" wheels but the 11" brake kit will only fit 16" or larger wheels.

They have had a mentions in articles in Kit Car Magazine. One was in the article about my car (May 96) and one was on the installation of their products (July 96).

I am happy with the stopping ability of the system (11" brakes on my car) and the legal (for Texas), manual parking brake.

From: Paul Herder

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