Coolant Fan Switch

Lower Temperature Switch (Sensor)

>   I would like to install a switch to turn on the fan.  What's the best way
>and how do I find this 'fusible link.'  Thanks for any help...
I've got a slightly different suggestion for you: put on a fan switch that has a lower temp than your thermostat. I've got a 195 degree stat and a 176 degree fan switch.

I got my switch through the Fiero Store (1-800-FIERO-GT) several years ago, so I don't remember how much it cost. Let me warn you that a couple of list members have brought to my attention that the fan is controlled solely by that switch and the A/C pressure switch, at least according to the wiring diagrams that we have seen.

You would think that my setup would cause the fan to be on continuously when the engine gets to operating temperature but that is not the case. I know my fan cycles when the car is idling (wiring diagram doesn't explain why that happens) but I can't say FOR SURE that the fan is turning off when I am at cruising speed (it's kinda difficult to check :). If the fan isn't turning off, it will eventually burn out and it will cause additional drag on the car at speed.

By all means, get the switch if you think it sounds good, but keep in mind what I've mentioned here.

From: David G. Mack

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