Fascia Swaps

84-86 coupe to 87-88 coupe

>I was planing on replacing my bumper on my 85' 2m4, with a 87-88 coupe
>fascia, I will still have to buy new bumper absorbers to go behind it
I have replaced my front bumper...I did not use a different impact piece. I just trimmed it a little around the marker lights. It is easy to do. Just mount the facia, and see where the impact piece is not right. I trimmed about a couple of inches of material off, not very much. I think I could have gotten away with just leaving it alone. Don't waste the money unless the part is free with the facia.

I did my front facia. I am not sure about the rear. But the same holds true, just try it and see if it fits ok. and trim away the excess.

From: Jason Wenglikowski

84-88 coupe nose to GT nose

If you want to change the nose on your coupe (any year) to a GT-style nose, you should try to find the nose from an 85 GT, or 86-87 SE. They use the same nose, which is different from the 86-88 GT nose. The difference is in the side-body molded trim (black stripe). The strip on 86-88 GT's is round, while the coupes (including those with the GT-style nose) have a notched strip.

From: Sketch

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