Removable Engine Covers


>Can I remove the metal screen underneath the louvered engine covers?
You will remove a lot more hot air with the sheet metal vents removed....I know this for a fact (convertible fiero...I have tried removing the sheet metal and I got too much heat into the passenger compartment with the top down, windows up. So I reinstalled the sheet metal for now).

Depending on which grills you have....

86-88 GTs, 87-88 coupes

if you have the rivets...drill off the heads of the rivets. if you do this, you can reinstall the vents with screws in the future because. Don't bother to drill out the entire rivet, just the head of the rivet will do.

85-86 coupes (incl. 85GT)

Now if you have the mesh screen vents...then just remove the press on nuts..... easy.. I like these!

From: Jason Wenglikowski

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