Radio Modifications

Tuning increments for Delco Radios

Here is the description how to modify the Delco-Bose radio model 16041551 to 0.05 MHz steps on the FM band. This is useful in countries other than the USA, where radio stations aren't on odd-tenth megahertz intervals.
  1. remove the upper cover (3 screws)
  2. remove the 5 screws holding the first PC board.
  3. gently lift the PC board.
  4. locate two diodes (1N4148) between display and IC labeled "DM 246 DQ 7815D" (28 pin) on the second PC board, now visible.
  5. there is spare place for another two diodes. Add a diode to the location closest to the above IC. This can be done in two ways:
    Remove the bottom cover and the cassete drive, clean the soldering pads from solder. Solder in the diode and reinstall all removed parts.
    Do nothing of point 1), but solder the diode across the IC mentioned above. Anode to pin 10 and cathode to pin 26. (This is much easier)
  6. reinstall PCB and cover.
If you are not familiar with radio electronics and soldering, ask a friend to do the modification, who is.

P.S.: All the 4 Diodes enable/disable special functions. It's interesting to find out what every diode does. One disadvantage: Installing the diode no. 4 sets the steps to 0.05 MHz, but shortens the upper FM range to 104 MHz (sorry).

From: Ken Stoner

Stock Subwoofer on aftermarket radios

When installing an aftermarket radio, use a harness that adapts to the harness already in the car so you won't have to cut off the factory plug. This installation below applies to people who use the factory harness adapter. Relays are normally numbered 30, 85, 86, 87, 87a. They are marked on the relay.
On number 30.......wire to Battery +, or constant
On number 85.......wire to Ground
On number 86.......wire to Power antenna input on the radio
On number 87.......wire to Power antenna input on the harness adapter
			you will notice that on the other side of the 
			adapter on the factory harness, that there is
			two pink wires that go into the plug, these are
			the wires that turn on the subwoofer.
On number wire 
For people who cut off the factory plug, just splice the two pink wires into a wire and plug it into number 87 on the relay. All other wires are the same. That should get ya all started!

From: Karen

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