Oil Pressure Sender

General Information

Info - V6 models

1985-88 PIPE, Engine oil pressure sensor (w/AC) 10035770 $10.50

Go to the thermostat housing. Move toward the battery/rear window. See that black thing that sticks upward? It has a connector with three wires coming out. That is the oil pressure sender. If you car did not have factory A/C, the unit is located on the engine block near the oil filter.

From: Lee Brown

Removal and Installation

Removal - V6 models with A/C

The oil pressure sender is just to the left of the lower left edge of the battery. It has a 3 wire connector and is about 1 1/4" in diameter. It connects to a fitting which also has a small pipe attached to it that then attaches to the engine at a lower location. (i.e. the sender is remotely located at a higher position).

To change the sender I removed the battery and it was easy (then you can also put a wrench on the fitting that it attaches to since it does not attach directly to the engine, but rather a pipe and a fitting to its remotely location). I simply used 2 wrenches and applied force between the 2 so as not to bend/break anything.

From: Gary Marten

NOTE: The wrench fitting is UNDER the sensor, which is this big 1-1/4" thing with what looks like a wrench hex on it, but DON'T try and turn that part!

           Wires plug in here
	|   |
       /     \
      /       \
      |       |  --- This looks like it has wrench flats,
      +--+ +--+      but isn't where you turn!!!
         | | ------- THIS IS WHERE YOU TURN!

From: Alan Ritter

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