Reclining Hinge Cover

Reclining Hinge Covers

"The one thing I'm looking for is the grey [or tan] plastic cap for the drivers seat that sits at the joint between the back and the seat that holds the seatbelt and hides the joint and spring."
1984-87 COVER, passenger seat back reclining hinge, lower
                                                          20596788   $8.51

1984-87 COVER, driver seat bac reclining hinge, lower
                                                          20596789   $8.51

You have to paint these to match, so you might want to look in a junk yard.

From: Scott Backer

Removal and Installation

Removal - all models

First get 13mm box end wrench (if I remember right). Also a 1/4" drive ratchet is perfect for this job...using a 13mm socket.
unhook the connector for the speakers at the base of the seat. [84-85 models only]
Slide the seat all the way back remove the two nuts from the front
Slide the seat to the front and remove the two rear nuts...
with the seat all the way reclined forward you are ready to remove it. Get a heavy tarp/blanket and lay over the interior trim and rocker panel. Open the door as far as possible, roll down the window.
Now gently lift the seat out and start by swinging the top half out then the bottom of the seat. Careful not to scracth anything, like the dash, with the runners.

Installation is the reverse, you might have to push and shove the seat back onto the studs, but it will fit.

From: Jason Wenglikowski

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