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1984-87 STRUT, rear suspension 22049973 $68.10

Shock and Strut general info

The Fiero struts, and I'll bet all GM, are replaced as one entire unit from the spindle mount flange to the top at the chassis. The are NOT cartridge replaceable units. With cartridge units, the wheel's camber is not disturbed. On the Fiero, you must have an alignment after strut replacement. Perhaps there are some aftermarket replacement units that are cartridge units. My Konis are not - they look just like the stock units.

From: David C.


Removal and Installation

The only problem you will have on the rear is compressing the strut spring. Someone commented that they could do Fiero struts without a compressor, but I would be cautious. Spring compressors are usually inexpensive, like $20. There is an outfit here (Richmond) called TRAK AUTO that will loan you the tool free. What about removing the struts and taking them to a shop to R&R the springs while you wait?

Anyway, the spring compression is the only really tricky and potentially dangerous part.

When you remove the rear struts you take off the two large nuts and bolts at the bottom of the struts and then the three small nuts in the tower under the rear lid. Push down on the rear suspension and pull the strut and spring assembly out. Place the assembly in a vice, compress the springs, remove the top mount/retainer, transfer to the new strut and put it back together.

Make an outline mark on the lower part of the car's suspension where the strut bolts on so you can put the new one back at the same angle. Since the struts are not exact matches, the rear camber will be off some, but close enough for government work - at least until you can get to an alignment shop.

I hope all this makes sense and gives you a fairly good picture. Do it yourself - it is not hard and will save you a chunch of change. Just make sure you have a good spring compressor that will not slide and aim that sucker AWAY from you (and your car!) when you compress it.

From: Randy T. Agee

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