Refinishing Aluminum Wheels

"I've still got the original aluminum wheels. I quite like the design but unfortunately it looks like they've got a clear coating of some kind that is flaking off. Does anyone know if I can do anything about this? Are these wheels still available from Pontiac or from anyone else?"


You can use paint stripper to remove the clear coat, then a little steel wool (or sandpaper if it's really bad) to clean up the aluminum surfaces. Then repaint with another clear coat. It's pretty easy and they look like new. Just be careful with the paint stripper if you don't want to remove the dark coloring on the edges of the spokes.

There is a place where I live that will refinish your rims for about $20 each. I have seen one set (not Fieros, but stock alum rims) that were buffer to look like chrome, then re-clearcoated. They were VERY nice looking rims. I'm sure someone near you (where ever that may be) offers the same services.

From: Lee Brown


There is a paint designed for wheels that I bought at my local department store. I had to order the clear coat from the automotive store though. I will get the name of the paint from the cans and the paint codes for you. The paint stripper I used was called "Zip Strip" Gel. Then I sanded the the remaining corrosion off. I did not paint in-between the "spokes" like the original, because it would have taken too much time and I wanted to get the car back on the road. however I am very happy how it turned out the all gray wheel looks wonderful. I have a picture that I can send you if you send me your household address.

The only expense was to have the tires removed. Then I took it to Sears and they did an excellent job installing new tires.

Oh, I also put a coat of wax on the rims also, this helps keep the brake dust off.

I hope this helps you out. Painting them is a very cost effective way to bring back that new car look!

From: Jason Wenglikowski

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