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1988 Fiero GT
ONLY 423 sold in Canada

2.8L V6 5-speed

Owner: Nolan & Barb Lamb Calgary, Alberta (all original 28,000kms)

Manufacturer:  Pontiac Division of General Motors Corporation

Mechanical Specifications:  Mid-engined V6 5-speed 

Engine:  Performance 2.8L OHV fuel injected V6 

Displacement:  2836cc 

Horsepower/Torque:  140 @ 5200RPM / 170 @ 3600RPM 

Transmission:  MG 282 - Getrag designed, Muncie built 5-speed 

Features:  GT package included: sports suspension, 15 GT wheels, Goodyear  GT radial tires, ground
                 effects package & wing, cruise control, tilt-wheel, power brakes, power windows, power locks,
                 power mirrors, power trunk release

Options   Sunroof, air-conditioning, Premium AM/FM/Cassette 4-channel stereo with sub-woofer 

Unique features and/or facts:

- Pontiac Fieros were only built 1984-1988
- Only North American built mid-engined car
- High strength space-frame construction covered with dent & rust resistant fibreglass reinforced
  polymer body panels
- 1988s had newly redesigned 4-wheel independent suspension and 4-wheel disc brakes,
  considered the best handling.
- Easily accomodates many V6 & V8 engine swaps  

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