I did the clutch on my '85 2M4 5 speed and it only cost about $150-200 Canadian for the clutch itself. I suspect that a v6 clutch wouldn't be much more than this.

Some advice:

replace the release bearing - it will fail 3 days after you reassemble the car if you don't. It costs somewhere between $15 and $50.
have the flywheel resurfaced - the new clutch will likely last much longer if you do and it doesn't cost much (maybe $25). Use new bolts of the correct grade when remounting the flywheel. Be sure to use a torque wrench on everything.
watch out when you pull out the axles from the transaxle - you must drain the oil first or you will get a face full, like I did.
while you have the axles out be sure to replace the axle shaft seals in the trans housing. They cost about $7 each (there is 1 for each axle) and will leak within 24 hours of reassembly if you don't put new ones in. Be sure to drive them in square with a proper sized seal driver.
when adding new trans oil after reassembly - if your car calls for the new oil to go in where the speedo drive unit goes - watch out - the little **@@###! stupid plastic speedo drive gear will fall off and drop into the trans.

Fish it out with a piece of thin wire and then sit down and have a good swear and another beer.

I found the clutch to be a tough job with a very steep learning curve but it is do-able and would be much easier the second time.

The main problems I had were:

I fiddled for long time and then I finally just wrestled the trans off the engine after tilting the cradle down at the rear as much as I could.

I never actually got the trans out of the car, but I did have (extremely poor) access to the flywheel/clutch and I changed it anyway. This was a miserable job but I got it done. I suspect that the V6 might actually be a bit easier to work on since I don't think that it is as long (from left to right) as the 2.5l 4 cyl. This might give you enough room to not actually have to remove the cradle to get the trans out of the car.

building an engine support tool like the one in the manual (thank goodness for friends who can weld)
getting axles out of the trans. A sharp tug like it says in the manual is bull - I had to make a giant fork to pry them out. Take is easy though - you don't want to wreck anything.
one of the two front cradle mounting bolts was frozen (they are right under the rear edge of the car doors). The other three were like new.

From: Peter Frise

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