Removal and Installation

Removal - all models

Remove the inner door panel.
unhook the wires and such going to the power mirrors.
remove the three screws that hold the "triangle" thingy on, which is located ON the door right infront of the window, at the base of the window. I helps to keep the water from entering the inside of the door. (note:: this is not the triangle plastic thingy attached to the A-piler, on the car door frame!)
once this is off, get your favorite 10mm wrench and remove the two nuts on each mirror and pull the mirror off.
if you have the power mirrors, you want to unhook the wires.
That is all. Simple. If your real good you don't have to remove the entire inner panel.

From: Jason Wenglikowski

Installation - all models

If you tighten the mirror housing, DO NOT overtighten it, it is aluminum and WILL strip and then you'll have a problem. If you can't tighten it down firmly though, stick a small strip of plastic down into the hole before you insert the screw and it will tighten down nicely. I had to do this after someone backed by my car, ripped the mirror of, did $500 of damage to their car (dented it, scratched the paint, and broke their plastic mirror assembly), while I just screwed my mirror back on and it didn't cost me a cent. :-) Even the power cable going to the servo motors was intact in its wrapping.

Brian Pape

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