Dew Wipes

General Information

1984-88 SEALING STRIP, window inner RH 20320534 $11.05
1984-88 SEALING STRIP, window inner LH 20320535 $11.05

1985-88 SEALING STRIP, window outer RH 20606220 $15.80 
1985-88 SEALING STRIP, window outer LH 20606221 $15.80

Removal and Installation

Removal - all models

OK. I'm going to try one last time to explain how to replace the dew wipes (the outside door window weather strip) WITHOUT removing the glass.

First, you need two special tools. The first is a phillips head screwdriver rachet about 3 inches long. Usually these rachet tools have a different size phillips head bit on each side. You must cut or grind off one of these bits so that one side is flat. Then the rachet will fit between the glass and the dew wipe. Second you need a small awl (about 4 inches long including the handle). A cheap one with a screwdriver handle works great. Bend the end of the awl about 1/4 -3/8 inches from the tip at a right angle. Or buy Snap-on part #3ASH90A.

Now you're ready to start (Time required is about 1.5 hours to do both doors)::

  1. Roll the window down.
  2. Remove the interior door panel, the mirror, and the triangular shaped rubber molding on the top forward part of the door.
  3. Remove the bolts attaching the two glass stabilizers (small pads) and push them down out of the way. Don't worry, they can be easily retrieved with the bent awl later.
  4. Pull back gently on the glass and insert the screwdriver rachet between the glass and the small phillips head screws on the dew wipe. Hold pressure against the glass to hold the rachet in place. You may need another person to help you here. Remove the screws, being careful not to drop them inside the door.
  5. Remove and replace the dew wipe and screws.
  6. Adjust the window: place the glass in the half up position; pull the stabilizers into position using the awl and push them against the glass with ONLY enough pressure to eliminate inboard-outboard movement; tighten the glass stabilizers; check for proper operation.
  7. Replace the mirror, molding and door panel.

From: Tom Corey (of Space Coast Fieros)

I used a variation of the Frank Martin/Space Coast Fieros method. I took a #2 phillips drywall screw bit and used my grinder to make it about 1/4" long. Using a pair of small Needle Nose Vice Grips to hold the shortened phillips bit, I was able to remove the normally inaccessable screws behind the glass. When replacing them, I put a drop of super glue on the screw to hold it to the phillips bit, and reversed the proceedure. Of course, you still have all the other stuff to loosen and remove. My method differs in the tool used to remove the screws. I "think" my homemade tool may be cheaper and allow a little more movement.

From: Randy Agee

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